Passive House is the building code of Austin's low carbon future.

The Montopolis CDC is co-developing the first home in Austin certified to the international Passivhaus standard.

Dramatically upgrade your building science and construction knowledge by taking this one week classroom and practical course, with the option to take an exam to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson. After completing training, apply your new skills as an apprentice by working on a building project sponsored by Fortunate Foundations! Continuing education credits available

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Registration closes at 5PM Mountain time.

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Know more. Build better.

Understand building science and how it applies to your everyday work. Whether you are seeking Passive House certification or not, you can't un-learn the knowledge you gain in this class.

  • learn best practices & building science

  • limit liability & increase credibility

  • avoid hidden mold & condensation

  • exceed IECC air leakage requirements

Become a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT)

96% of students in this course pass the Exam!

Upon passing the CPHT Exam, you will be listed in the PHI Database of Certified builders and contractors for 5 years. You may then renew your accreditation through photo documentation of you applying your learning to project sites, or through Continuing Education credits. Emu offers CE credits through mini courses and our Colorado Passive House Expo.

What will you learn in the Passive House Builder Boot Camp?

All. The. Things.

  • The Value of Passive House

    What is the Passive House standard, and why is it more like a building code than just a green building certification? Why will your clients thank you for knowing this standard?

  • High-Performance Envelopes

    What makes a building envelope perform, and how do you mitigate thermal bridges and other potential weaknesses early in the process?

  • Systems and Services

    How does the systems design integrate with a high-performing building, and what exactly are the indoor air quality requirements that make Passive so healthy?

Meet your Lead Trainer

...and our Chief Building Science Geek

Lead Trainer

Enrico Bonilauri

A native of Cavriago, Italy, Enrico is an established expert in the international Passive construction standard. He is well respected for being able to see complicated, cutting-edge data through the lens of practical on-site implementation. He has extensive work experience in Australia, Europe, and North America, with a specialty in building envelope design and analysis. His detailed computer simulations for thermal, hygrometric and economic analyses, are informed by the thousands of hours he has spent on varied construction sites. He is the author of the Emu North American CPHT training textbook, and the lead Trainer for Emu’s CPHT courses since 2017.

Now is the time.

Grab your boots, register, and join us for the Austin, TX Passive House Boot Camp


This Passive House builder Boot Camp is made possible by the fine folks at Montopolis and their partners. Funded in part by the City of Austin. (The information presented does not represent the opinion or a policy position of the city.)



  • What is Passive House?

    Passive House is an international construction standard maintained and continuously developed by the International Passive House Institute (PHI). Residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings constructed to these guidelines are characterized by significantly increased comfort and health for the occupants, extremely low energy consumption, durable construction quality, and knowledgable project teams at the forefront of the construction industry.

  • Are there any prerequisites to take the Passive Pod Workshop?

    I'm so glad you asked! Because the answer is YES, you will need to have completed the Emu CPHT course, online or in-person.

  • If I have already taken the CPHT course will I get anything out of the workshop?

    The Passive Pod workshop is an extension of what you learn in the CPHT course. You will be taking that knowledge and putting it into practice with your own hands. Our students feel this solidifies the CPHT curriculum into practical skills. And they have a blast taking it.

  • What COVID-19 precautions will Emu be taking?

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  • What are the COVID-19 guidelines in Austin, TX?

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