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Who should take this training?

Not just the cool kids. This course is for design/build & construction professionals who are concerned about moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, healthy indoor air, durability, resiliency, and affordability of high-performance.

"The best of both worlds."

Flexible, self-paced, on-demand CPHT course with live, weekly online Q&A sessions with the trainer.

Know more. Build better.

Understand building science and how it applies to your everyday work. Whether you are seeking Passive House certification or not, you can't un-learn the knowledge you gain in this class.

  • Limit liability & increase credibility

  • Avoid hidden mold & condensation

  • Exceed IECC air leakage requirements

  • Learn best practices & building science

Your online CPHT Course registration includes:

  • Emu’s CPHT Textbook

    All Emu CPHT students receive a printed version of the coursework, which is allowed for use in the open-book CPHT exam. We like to call it the "Bible" of Passive building.

  • 18 Hours of recordings

    Our comprehensive CPHT course dives deep into Passive House standards, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

  • Weekly Q&As with a real person

    Emu offers 6 weeks of live, 1 hour long Q&As with our lead trainers. You can meet fellow students and geek out with our trainers in real time.

Become a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT)

96% of students in this course pass the Exam!

Upon passing the CPHT Exam, you will be listed in the PHI Database of Certified builders and contractors for 5 years. You may then renew your accreditation through photo documentation of you applying your learning to project sites, or through Continuing Education credits. Emu offers CE credits through mini courses and our Colorado Passive House Expo.

What will you learn in this course?

All. The. Things.

  • The Value of Passive House

    What is the Passive House standard, and why is it more like a building code than just a green building certification? Why will your clients thank you for knowing this standard?

  • High-Performance Envelopes

    What makes a building envelope preform, and how do you mitigate thermal bridges and other potential weaknesses early in the process?

  • Systems and Services

    How does the systems design integrate with a high-performing building, and what exactly are the indoor air quality requirements that make Passive so healthy?

Want to see the full curriculum outline?

We developed this curriculum specifically for North America, but based on international best-practices.

Meet your lead trainer

...and our Chief Building Science Geek

Lead Trainer

Enrico Bonilauri

A native of Cavriago, Italy, Enrico is an established expert in the international Passive construction standard. He is well respected for being able to see complicated, cutting-edge data through the lens of practical on-site implementation. He has extensive work experience in Australia, Europe, and North America, with a specialty in building envelope design and analysis. His detailed computer simulations for thermal, hygrometric and economic analyses, are informed by the thousands of hours he has spent on varied construction sites. He is the author of the Emu North American CPHT training textbook, and the lead Trainer for Emu’s CPHT courses since 2017.

What our former students say…

“Every builder should take this class. Period.”

- Jed Wolfram, Bozeman Sustainabuild

"I received the best educational experience from Emu Systems! Got my Passive House Certification through their program/class. Be sure to take this class, you won't regret it!"

- Jared Phifer, Revolve Design Build

“Valuable, Challenging, Invigorating! I thought the online format worked well. I've been through other training platforms that were not nearly as interactive as the lessons and weekly check-ins. The quizzes were engaging as well as the chat feature w/n the lessons was great. Enrico was really prompt with responding on those.”

- Anonymous, from Course Evaluation

“This was an outstanding training. The knowledge of the Emu team was complimented by the skills & experience of the other attendees. My brain hurt sometimes digesting the content – but that’s a good thing. Pay yourself and sign up for this training.”

- Jay Murdoch, Owens Corning

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course; Enrico and Mariana really know their stuff and convey it clearly. So glad I could geek out with the Emu MOB!”

- Anonymous from 2020 Autumn Crew

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Now is the time.

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” - Warren Miller


  • What is Passive House?

    Passive House is an international construction standard maintained and continuously developed by the International Passive House Institute (PHI). Residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings constructed to these guidelines are characterized by significantly increased comfort and health for the occupants, extremely low energy consumption, durable construction quality, and knowledgeable project teams at the forefront of the construction industry.

  • When will I get access to the online materials?

    As soon as you buy the course! Once you complete your registration you'll receive an email with a link to get started. You can start immediately!

  • When will I receive my textbook in the mail?

    We wish we could make this magically arrive at your door in an instant but alas it takes a bit longer. First you'll need to register, then you'll need to fill out the shipping form you'll find in your student dashboard. Once we have all that we will do our best to get you your book before the start of the first Live Q&A.

  • Will I automatically be a CPHT when I finish this course?

    You will be so close! But not quite. However you will have the best possible advantage going into the PHI CPHT exam. Once you pass that you will get to "officially" start bragging about all your new special letters. You can find many exam options on Emu's course page here:

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